Endorsements from clients:

Ethel-Merman-Mother-Teresa-and-Me_200w-award“Leah Abrahams was essential in putting together all aspects of my book including a beautiful cover for Ethel Merman Mother Teresa… and Me which became a 2014 International Book Awards finalist. Her encouragement and knowledge is something I will always be grateful for. She was also a joy to work with.”

—Tony Cointreau

AlZfrontCvr“I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did writing my father’s biography. My dad enjoyed having you interview him and allowing him to recount his favorite memories.
 My dad is 90 and his stories and remembrances changed somewhat during the process. I truly appreciated both your patience and your ability to weave several interviews into a comprehensive story.

“You also did an excellent job in selecting, among the very many pictures he presented, those which were the most significant and then integrating them into the book.
 My family is thrilled with the result.


—Iris Friedlieb

Building-Trust-cover_550h“This review will emphasize the positive feelings I encountered when re-creating the ideas and experiences that dominate my personal book, Building Trust — My life Journey in 2005.

“I created the prose and stories and with the help of Leah Abrahams I was able to put them into an interesting form suitable for comfortable and enjoyable reading.

“Leah edited very professionally for grammar slights and spelling imperfections without changing the tone of my creation and it was all competed without stress or question to the originality. I would unconditionally suggest that the final product would not have been as positive without her assistance.

“The fun of doing this project was enhanced by Leah’s input. Thanks, Leah.  It was rewarding to do a project like this, not only for my personal ego but also to know that future progeny will know who their ancestors were. 

“Wouldn’t you like to know something about your heritage?”

—Harold Becker

From-Philadelphia-to-the-Battle-of-the-Bulge“The day that I contacted Leah Abrahams about my book project was a lucky day for me! She is extremely knowledgeable about publishing, and her advice and skill enabled me to complete the book. Her assistance, from helping to plan the appropriate layouts to arranging for endorsements, has been invaluable, and I heartily recommend her to all aspiring writers!”

—Donna Borrelli Long, author of From Philadelphia to the Battle of the Bulge

A-Bee-Named-Bea-and-Other-Poems“Leah Abrahams made self-publishing very easy. She is efficient, confident, very English-savy, and creative. I enjoyed everything about the experience.

Laura Treichl is a very talented and capable graphic artist. Making changes was easy. Her ideas were terrific.”

—Candace Dietz, author of A Bee Named Bea and Other Poems

“I was so pleased with the book. I was surprised to receive such a beautiful memoir based on our phone conversations …Let me thank you personally and assure you that the family will treasure the memoir. With warm greetings and gratitude.”

—Chana K., Holocaust Survivor

“About one and a half years ago I had the urge to tell some of my life stories – someone suggested I contact a friend of his who was in the editing business – before we go further let me say my education was sparse and aside from writing letters little writing experience – I put these thoughts behind me and gave Leah Abrahams at Mixed Media Memoirs LLC in Wisconsin a call explaining the above to which she listened in an open way and suggested I start writing my stories and send them to her – encouragement at the entry level – over the year we went back and forth and at times when I found my stories to be so boring and wanting to make major cuts Leah in her quiet genuine voice would tell me she thought it was good and guide me in repositioning details – on it went until I had nothing more to say and again thinking of major cuts – No said Leah I find your story compelling and that word was all I needed to pick up my pen and yellow legal pad and go on writing – Last Fri morning I opened the front door and there was this box of 20 actual books of Go Out & Play and when I held the first book in my hand all I kept saying out loud was AMAZING AMAZING!!!  This book would never never have gotten this far without the partnership with Leah – I might have written the stories on my yellow pad and they would have ended up stashed somewhere and forgotten – Leah has a soft solid way of supporting backed by a genuine interest in people and their stories – so Leah all I can say is thank you thank you for a very rewarding experience and let’s stay in touch…”

—Diana Platt, author of Go Out and Play

MillerCover“Every life is special and memorable. Clearly, Leah Abrahams genuinely feels that, and it comes through in her wonderful work. Leah is an extraordinarily gifted editor. Her ability to organize my father’s reminiscences into a treasured record of his remarkable life is a gift my family will cherish for generations.”

—Lynn Cullen, Emmy Award-winning Reporter

“My mother loved making her Mixed Media Memoir video—my present to her on her 80th birthday. She felt comfortable and relaxed. My sisters and all our children cherish their copies. Recently, my husband and I sat down to watch the video, 20 years after it was produced, and we felt as if she were in the living room with us.”

—Dorothy Santy

“You made this video of my late husband Dr. Jack Kaufmann, more than 15 years ago, and my son and I still enjoy watching it and hearing his heartbreaking and yet humorous tales about his childhood in Europe and his gradual acculturation to American ways, how he got into Medical School and his life here in the U.S.”

—Sylvia Kaufmann

“Your expertise and skill in helping your client research his life and times and your help in organizing his presentation are strengths that will certainly be of benefit to other authors, biographers and autobiographers as you work with them. Again, I salute you for your exceptional job on the book A Glimpse of a Life.”

—Don Salmon, College Director of Development

Legendary Long Islanders by Helene Herzig“Leah Abrahams was recommended to me as an editor when I was struggling to consolidate and produce a book of my interviews with famous residents from the Hamptons to New York, written when I was a feature editor of a Long Island Magazine. She quickly advised me on how to organize the book and document my legal rights to use the material. She obtained additional photos, solicited endorsements and provided a graphic artist to produce a cover and layout. That book became Legendary Long Islanders, and was the beginning of a fruitful relationship that produced three books (the other two are A Father’s Dream Through A Daughter’s Eyes and Your Loving Son, Philip: Letters From an American Soldier in World War II, the latter endorsed by Joseph Ellis and Ken Burns) — and a lasting friendship.

“Leah is a joy to work with. My early attempts at self-publishing were a struggle, trying to communicate with a company sending cut and dried instructions via computer, while a human being was rarely available. Producing your first book is akin to giving birth and needs a guiding hand—at least mine did. Leah’s professionalism steered me through, her calm and warm voice always there to answer questions, and she had all the answers, including the marketing of my books through Amazon and other venues. All of this was done while Leah lived in Wisconsin and I lived in Long Island. In spite of distance, this was a personal approach to publishing, and Leah has made it a pleasurable one.

“Needless to say, I highly recommend Leah.”

—Helene Herzig, author

Mara-Blog-Cover-200w“I have known and valued Leah Abrahams as a close friend for decades, however, it was not until I worked with her to publish a book that I fully realized how talented, dependable, easy to work with, understanding and insightful she was.

“When my daughter Mara died she left behind a well written, fun and sensitive blog that she and her friends had used to communicate with each other about Mara’s cancer treatment progress and to give her support and love during what turned out to be her last months of life. I wanted to publish the blog as a memory, thank you gift for her friends, but also as fund raising gift for people who donated to a cancer fund set up in Mara’s name. An even longer-term goal of mine was to make it available as positive, inspirational self-help tool for people dealing with their own, or a friend’s, cancer.

“Leah was incredible; she understood the delicate nature of my emotions in dealing with this subject as well as the many technical difficulties of publishing this blog.  One of the most challenging tasks she successfully accomplished was to reverse Mara’s Internet blog. As you may be aware, Internet blogs are accessed by allowing a person to read the most recent day people have written on the blog and requiring a person to scroll backwards in time to read events leading up to that day. Leah was instrumental in helping me in a number of additional ways. She guided me in selecting a title and cover for the book.  She suggested ways to solicit testimonials and arrange them in and on the book. She did a final proof reading of the book after two of us had completed our proofing. Finally and equally important, Leah found and served as an interface for me with a person who formatted the book in the way required by the Amazon self-publishing.

“I cannot recommend Leah highly enough: anyone would be very lucky to work her.”

—Carol Popper Galaty, Editor of Rallying ‘Round Mara

MinefieldsandMiracles_200w“Special mention goes to my sister and publisher, Leah Abrahams, CEO of Mixed Media Memoirs LLC, a brilliant editor, and a superb photographer in her own right. She is a woman of many talents, and of enormous generosity of spirit…

“Whether you are a first-time writer or an experienced author, Leah is poised to help you. Over the years I have watched her work with people of all backgrounds, CEOs, entertainers, homemakers, business owners, artists, etc. Some born in the U.S., others who are not native English-speakers. No matter. She interviews people who have no manuscript and helps them to create one. For those who prefer to speak into a recorder, she then transcribes the material and fashions it into a worthy manuscript. For those who want a video, she brings top quality videographers and editors to the project.

“You may be an experienced writer, as I was, but need editing, guidance on layout, graphic design, and such. No matter what your starting point, Leah can guide you to the finish line with expertise, patience, and enthusiasm, until you are holding your book in your hand—or watching your video, a satisfied smile on your face. I know. I’m one of those with the satisfied smiles.”

—Ruth Broyde Sharone, Award-winning author of Minefields and Miracles: Why God and Allah Need to Talk Interfaith Activist, Documentary Film Maker