A-Bee-Named-Bea-and-Other-PoemsA Bee Named Bea and Other Poems

By Candace A. Dietz
Illustrations by Virginia J. Rost

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A BEE NAMED BEA is a humorous poetry book for toddlers through beginning readers. Adult readers will enjoy reading the book as well. Twenty poems tell of the joys and problems of 19 animals and one little girl. Problems have a good resolution. A great bedtime selection.


“A bee named Bea
Said, “Mercy me—
Everyone’s afraid of me!

When  I try to be a friendly bee
They zoom away and let me be—

Just me, Bea, by myself.

Then I flew into a garden.
Wee, lucky me! What a lovely treat—
So much nectar for me to eat!

‘Oh, no!’ said a lady, sipping tea.
She took her cup and let me be—

Just me, Bea, by myself.

Lonely, lonely, lonely me.
Just me, a lonely, lonely bee.

That afternoon I heard a buzz—
A bug with black and yellow fuzz!
Mercy me—a bee like me!
Won’t you come and play with me?

Now I buzz around with glee.
Merry Bee will play with me!
And we’re as happy as can be—
Merry Bee and me, just Bea.

Buzzzzzzzzzzzz. Bzzzzzzzzzzzz.”

“I have two boys ages six and three and they both love all the little poems. Very humorous, each of my boys laughs and has their favorites that they request to read over and over. Each poem so different and great exposure to poetry for young children!”

—Laura R.

“This is a wonderfully written and illustrated book. I have shared it with my grand children and students. There are many good lessons to learn and the pictures are captivating. Well done! I look forward to a sequel.”